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Research Interest:

I am currently working on the Laser-wire project in the Laser Based Beam Diagnostics collaboration for the International Linear Collider (ILC).
We are operating a laser-wire at DESY and we are planning to install a new one at the ATF at KEK.
More details are posted on my Oxford page.

From October 2002 until October 2004 I was a post-doc at KEK (High Energy Research Organization) in Tsukuba, Japan.
I was working on the FEATHER project which is a beam position correction system for the futur linear collider (JLC: Japanese Linear Collider).
More details on my other research topics are available on my KEK page.

In may 2002, I completed my PhD thesis at the CPPM (Centre de physique des particules de Marseille) :

My topic was: Within the H1 experiment on the electron-proton collider  HERA (DESY) in Hamburg, I was looking for evidences of a sub-structure to the electron.
My thèse (in French) in HTML or ps (11 Mo) or pdf (500 ko) .
More details on the excited electron (in french).
Animations featuring particles collisions.


Talks given as part of the FEATHER project are available here.

Lake Louise Winter Institute (II 2001), Last results on search for exotics particles at HERA on behalf of H1 and Zeus (slides ps.gz ).

Journees Jeunes Chercheurs (XII 2000), short introduction to my PhD. subject; (in French) (slides ps.gz ).

H1 CrossTalk (X 2000), short introduction to my PhD. subject; (slides ps.gz) (slides ps.gz in black and white) (award of the best support of speech crossTalk 2000)

Le "rendez-vous des thésards" (28 XI 1999), short introduction to particle physics and of my PhD. subject; (slides ps.gz ) (in French)

My master thesis about excited electron search(in french).