This is a very famous dish in France and many different recipes exist. My recipe comes from the Flandres, an area that cover the north of France, Belgium and the Netherlands (except Holland).

To prepare crêpes for 3-4 people you need: Flour (500g), Sugar (200g), Salt (a bit), Water and milk [and beer] (total half a liter), Eggs (5-6) and Oil or melt butter (200g)

Mix the dry ingredients (flour, sugar and salt) together, then add water until the dough becomes smooth. Then add the remaining liquid (milk or more water depending on your taste, with milk the crêpes are thicker) and the melt butter (or oil). Mix again and add the eggs (if you add the melt butter after the eggs the proteins of the eggs will coagulate). Once it is well mixed wait half an hour and then pour some dough into a pan. There must be just enough dough to cover all the area of the pan, once the upper side is “dry”, flip the crêpes and cook the other side for a minute or 2. That's it, enjoy!